61% is a BIG number!
61% of cardholders polled by Visa said: "I would shop online more often if I knew my credit card information was secure." 83% of cardholders who haven’t shopped online said the reason they have yet to do so is because "they are worried about the security of their credit card information"

(from Visa's website courtesy of Visa Research.)

Scared of shopping online?
Yes, consumers are scared on shopping online and according to a news article at "69% think etailers could do more to make them feel safer. One in five Internet users have never bought anything online. Half of those who had never shopped online said it was because they were worried about putting their credit card details online. Just less than half, 44%, believed there was a greater risk of getting ripped off online ... and 41% said they did not know how to tell if a web page is using a secure connection."

(from, news article by John Oates.)

Identity Theft Concerns Rise!
" in 10 adults -- are concerned they could become victims of online identify theft at some point in the future..."

"After a spate of revelations of major identity-theft cases, 57 percent now express worry that computers and technology are prying into their private lives -- up from 42 percent in 2000 and 38 percent in 1994. Moreover, 72 percent are concerned about the possibility their personal records could be stolen over the Internet."

(from ABC News/Washington Post poll)

...Dangerous Public Discolsure...
According to psychologist, Dr. Cynthia McVey: "Placing your card details online can sometimes feel like a dangerous public disclosure. People need to be reassured that safeguards are in place..."

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