What does ShopperScanned® do?
ShopperScanned® supplies third-party certification seals for websites. All our seals are designed to supply a way for online customers to know that the website they are interested in using takes the concerns of their customers seriously.

ShopperScanned® Safe Shopping™ Seal:
In order to display this seal, a website must pass ShopperScanned's® secure server validation. Meaning the website offers a secure platform in which a customer may enter their personal information.

What is the ShopperScanned® Identity Checked™ seal?
This seal allows customers to know that the identity of the website's owner (either personal or business) has been reviewed by a ShopperScanned® representative and appears to be valid.

What is the ShopperScanned® Privacy Protected™ seal?
This seal allows customers to know that the website they are using, has met the ShopperScanned® Privacy Protected™ standards. This is done via confirmation of the privacy procedures of a website in relation to the handling of customer data.

Why are the ShopperScanned® seals so important?
The seals are an extremely important factor in today's online shopping place. With so many websites to choose from and so many prying eyes to watch out for, there is a real need for an easy and reliable way for customers to know that the website they are about to use takes their security concerns seriously.
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