Terms and Conditions

By using ShopperScanned.com, ShopperScanned®, any of the ShopperScanned® Seals or any other services and/or offers by ShopperScanned® or this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

We reserve the right to refuse service to any person, business, or website we deem inappropriate. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to add or remove any part of our products or services at any time without prior notice. In the event a vulnerability scan is needed and/or requested, only the owner or a person authorized by the owner of the website and web server can request a vulnerability scan and by doing so will accept full responsibility for the scan and its results. All information supplied by us about a business and/or website is intended as an indication of the efforts of that business and/or website and its operators and we make no guarantee of any kind. As well, there is no guarantee made by any service we offer, including the Safe Shopping™, Identity Checked™ and Privacy Protected™ seals, we do however feel our service can help customer's make a more informed decision about a particular website. It is also understood and agreed that the practices and or procedures used to approve or deny any person, business, or website into any of the ShopperScanned® seal programs is done so at our sole discretion using techniques we deem appropriate. This does not protect any information that may be shared with others. By using the information and/or services provided by us, you agree that we cannot be held liable in any event.

Improper Business Practices:
Any company, individual or website that is part of any of the ShopperScanned® seals that receives multiple complaints and/or is found to be conducting any type of fraudulent or illegal activities, will be immediately cancelled from our program without notice and without refund.

Billing & Cancellation:
All services self renew unless otherwise specified at time of sign up and/or the service is cancelled. Cancellation requests given within the first 30 days will be cancelled immediately and all fees refunded. After 30 days, we will require 30 day prior written notice for all cancellations, all services that have already been paid for are non refundable.
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